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What To Do About Brown Grass

what to do with brown grass

After a whole winter of brown grass, everyone looks forward to opening the door to that sunshine and to the smell of freshly cut green grass. Yes, green grass on your lawns. So, it only makes sense that you would be annoyed by brown patches of grass that just won’t go away on lawns. Whether it’s a drought or other factors that’s causing brown grass, it’s possible to bring back your lawn grass from drab to fab with just a little help.

In this guide, we’ll give you the low down on what to do with brown grass. Thankfully, it’s not too difficult to get a healthy lawn back and you can even use the best lawn mower for $300 or less for help.

What to Do About Brown Grass

Why is the Grass Brown?

Brown patches of lawn grass aren’t unusual. Often, they’re caused by extreme weather like drought or cold. They can also be a product of poor soil conditions or pests. Drought and dry soil is perhaps the biggest issue for people during the summer, but this can happen when there’s just not enough rain too. Two to three weeks without water and your grass will need some. By six weeks, you’ll see that brown.

Don’t wait until six weeks then. You can still save your lawn grass if it’s been four weeks and you’re only noticing some slight brown-colored patches. These patches can spread, so if you want to revive your lawn, let’s get started.

Other Brown Grass Causes

Of course, it’s possible that your brown lawn isn’t caused by drought, even if it is true that drought is the most common cause. You might also want to check for thatch, which is decomposed plant matter. Or it could just be improper mowing and mowing too short that can harm the grass. Too much water, and insects and pests can be problematic too.

Regardless of the cause of your brown lawn, it is possible that you can fix it if you get to work early enough—before your entire lawn is brown.

How to Revive Your Lawn


If your lawn is brown because of the heat, and the soil is dry because it’s been a while since it’s rained, it might be as simple as using water.

Without any rain water to help you out, you can step outside with the hose to give your brown lawn or dormant grass a deep watering about once a week. This works best if you have a sprinkler or something set up to keep watering your them for about 15-20 minutes at a time for a few hours.

Improper Mowing

You might be cutting your them too short, which can lead to those brown-colored patches. This is a simple fix: set your mower to about 3 and a half inches so that there’s some grass left. Don’t try to cut out the brown ones, but just let new ones grow around it. Let those lawn grass clippings stay on the lawn to help fertilize it.


Yes, if your dog pees on the lawn, it can damage the coloring of lawns if they happen to go in the same area. That’s because there’s a high level of nitrogen in their urine, so to stop this from browning your lawn, just add some water to the lawn area to dilute it.


Grubs and other pests can ruin the look of your lawn. You can check for these by digging up some of those brown spots. Pull back these brown spots and you’ll see the grubs. Check for these around the summer and fall, and in the fall, you can apply some pest treatment to avoid these brown lawns.

Do I need to do anything for winter?

The answer is no. If you’re noticing brown lawn as a product of cooler temperatures or grass turns brown, this just means that your lawn is in a dormant state. Your lawn grass will begin to get green again and come back by the time you hit the spring. If you want to help it along, it may help you to start to add some fertilizer in the fall.


Ultimately, it depends on why your grass is green when you’re considering what you need to do to liven it up. For the most lawns part though, it’s all about the right lawn care and looking after your grass with proper watering, cutting, and weeding. If you take care of your grass and spend some time in the fall preparing it for the next season, you’ll have a much easier time getting it to look good each and every year.