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Types of Reel Mowers

Last Update: December, 2023

Reel mowers might seem traditional, since you’ve probably only seen them in movies and TV series. For a long time, reel mowers steadily disappeared from households. These days though, they are starting to make a comeback. Reel mowers are easy to use and efficient, making them the perfect tool to cut grass for a typical family.

However, to make the most out of your reel mowers, you will have to find the right kind of reel mower for your needs.

Here are some of the most prominent types of best reel mowers on the market right now

Types of reel mowers

Manual reel mowers

This is the classic type of reel mower. It will certainly ring a bell, as this is the type of reel mowers you see often on TV. True to its name, it is operated manually, so you will have to push it using your own physical strength.

As strenuous as it sounds, this actually has some benefits for you. This type of reel mowers is super budget-friendly, and you don’t have to maintain a thing since it doesn’t use an engine. You could even save a lot of gas money by opting for it.

Powered reel mowers

Unlike manual reel mowers, powered reel mowers are equipped with an engine to power them. This will take away much of the manual labor you have to put into the machine. So, you will feel much less tired and cutting the grass will not seem as much of a tiresome chore to you. There are some downsides, though. You will have to regularly maintain the machine and pay for gas as well.

Rotary Mowers

This is technically not a reel mower, but it deserves a special mention. Reel mowers are great when you have a small plot of land. But for bigger areas, you will need the help of a rotary mower. While reel mowers work like huge scissors to cut down grass, rotary mowers use rotor-powered blades to do so. This will allow it to carry out the task much quicker and easier than reel mowers, saving you a lot of energy.


It will all come down to your personal preferences when you choose the mowers for you, but we believe that if you are a newcomer to gardening, then getting a powered reel mower would be a more beneficial choice than getting a manual one.