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Types of Lawn Mower Batteries

Types of Lawn Mower BatteriesThere are, in fact, many variations of electric lawn mower batteries in existence. Mower batteries tend to differ in size. It’s important to understand that not all batteries will work for your motor. So it is important to distinguish the differences of each battery type before making a solid purchase.

The dimensions are essential since the battery is meant to sit in the tray and fit properly. Otherwise, you won’t be able to connect the cables correctly.

Mower batteries that are categorized under Group U1 come in two types: U1L and U1R. This code refers to their terminal positions. If your lawn mower battery is a Group U1L battery, that means its positive terminal is positioned close to the left hand corner. On the other hand, a Group U1R battery means its positive terminal is closer to the right hand corner.

Also look out for the terminal points (make sure they match), and construction type of the battery so you can find one that fits into your mower.

Overall, always be safe while you are handling your lawn mower battery. Mishandling the battery could result in injury or damage to the battery itself.

Learn everything you can about the types of batteries that you can use for your mower so you can keep it running smoothly. Be patient when you have to handle the battery and allow it to receive its full twelve or more hours of charging.

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