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Tow Behind Sprayers Compared

Tow behind sprayers can be a real game changer for your lawn care routine. They help to speed up your spraying process while also protecting you from hazardous chemicals. It certainly helps that they’re so versatile – you can use them with your garden tractor or mower over a large area.

To help you find the best tow behind sprayer, we’ve put together some tow behind sprayer reviews so you can make an informed decision.

What are Tow Behind Sprayers?

A tow behind sprayer is a sprayer that you can pull behind a vehicle such as a lawn mower. Different tow behind sprayers are built for different vehicles, so whether you want to use your lawn mower, your lawn tractor, or your truck, there’s a tow behind sprayer that will function with your vehicle.

Tow behind sprayers are great for distributing herbicides, fertilizer, water, or even insecticides. The work is done more efficiently and you’ll save lots of valuable time.

With a tank and a spray pump, tow behind sprayers are very easy to use and hitch to your vehicle. Just like you can find different sprayers for different vehicles, you can find different nozzles for spraying depending on what you need.

Benefits of Tow Behind Sprayers

1. Finish the Work Faster

Tow behind sprayers are so much faster than hand sprayers. Even motorized hand sprayers are much more time consuming and can’t compete with the speed at which the best tow behind sprayer can work. These sprayers can cover much more area in a faster amount of time which can greatly cut down the hours or even days of work.

The only limit on how fast your tow behind sprayer can go is the limit on your towing vehicle. However fast you drive your lawn tractor or mower is how fast you can use your lawn sprayer.

What’s more, if you use your lawn mower to tow your sprayer, you can do both jobs at once: mowing and spraying!

2. Protection From Chemicals

Some of the chemicals used in fertilizers or herbicides are extremely hazardous to handle. It’s ideal to not be exposed to these chemicals in the first place, but if you’re going to use them, it’s important to reduce your exposure as much as possible and stay protected.

When using a tow behind sprayer, you’re much better protected from the chemicals used. Since the tow behind sprayer is kept at a distance from you, you’re less likely to inhale the product and at the very least, you’ll inhale less of the fumes than if you were manually spraying the compound.

Tow behind sprayers stay behind you in your vehicle (whether it’s your lawn tractor or mower) during the whole process. This reduces your exposure even further. Instead of applying the chemicals in front of you and then moving over them, you are moving away from them.

The chemicals are stored in a tank behind you and sprayed behind you, so unless there’s an extremely strong tail wind, you won’t be exposed to the chemicals you’re using.

Of course, if you’re really concerned about the chemicals being used, you should probably consider changing products. At the very least, wear a mask while you’re out spraying to prevent yourself from inhaling the chemical fumes.

3. Better Coverage

Tow behind sprayers are able to cover more area of your yard or farm. With the best tow behind sprayer, you reduce the chances of going over the same spot multiple times or completely missing an area. Most spray nozzles have an automatic function that works excellently as well, so you can be sure that your product is being evenly distributed. 

With evenly distributed pesticides and more efficient coverage, your yard is better taken care of. These tow behind sprayers also reduce the damage that is done by overspraying certain areas or uneven distribution.

Comparing The Best Tow Behind Sprayer Brands


The Northstar sprayer is designed for large lawn areas. It has a 55 gallon tank that can hold pesticides, fertilizer, or any other product you wish to apply to your yard. This can save storage space in your shed or garage as instead of storing the chemical product in it’s own container, you can store it in the tank of the sprayer. This also ensures your sprayer is always ready to go!

Built with a strong and durable frame, the Northstar sprayer will last your a long time. The hitch of this sprayer will also fit for most vehicles which makes it more versatile than other, more limited sprayers.

With a 32 foot spray width, this sprayer can cover large areas quickly. Originally, this sprayer was made for commercial use, but it works great for homes that have large lawns or gardens. Since it’s made for commercial use, it comes with a pump that sprays up to 7 gallons per minute. 

The pressure on this sprayer is reliable thanks to a 160cc Honda engine. Additionally, the sprayer is chemical resistant and UV-light resistant. It’s easy to monitor the chemical flow as well with the reinforced hose. 


For homes that have 3 acres or more of yard work, this is a fantastic sprayer as it is built for professional landscapers, farmers, and agriculturists. It’s easy to use and great for smaller projects or large spaces. With a 40 gallon tank that is translucent, you can easily monitor how much product you have left. 

With the purchase of the Fimco sprayer, you’ll also receive a kit for mounting it onto any ATV. It’s great for those that don’t want to attach the sprayer to the mower or don’t have a mower that can easily hold it.

Fimco equips their tow behind sprayer with a 35 foot spray distance and a pump with a spray rate of 2.1 gallons per minute. The spray wand has the ability to adjust the spray rate as well so if you have some areas where a lower rate is better and other areas where a higher rate is better, you can adjust the spray rate accordingly. 


Agri-Fab is well admired for their high quality products and their tow behind sprayer is no different. It has a 15 gallon tank, so it’s great for gardens or small to medium yards. It also has a fantastic flat design that makes it easy to store or hang when not in use. The tank has an easy drain plug too so you won’t have to twist or turn in awkward positions to drain your sprayer.

The sprayer comes with an extendable boom bar to enable you to move it even further back from your vehicle. It has three flat-free wheels so it can be pulled across any terrain type without worrying about a sudden flat tire.

The sprayer also comes with a handheld spray wand that can reach up to 30 feet. Each spray nozzle has a wide coverage to ensure the maximum area is reached at once.


This spot sprayer is ideal for small or medium sized lawns. It holds 13 gallons of product and can pump 1 gallon per minute. It’s designed to be affordable and efficient, which is why it’s available in a smaller size. If you don’t have a massive area to spray, it’s a great choice.

The tank on this sprayer is UV-light resistant and made to last. It uses durable materials that are compatible with all pesticides and common fertilizers. While it isn’t transparent, it’s easy to open so that you can see how much product is left and fill it up if necessary.

With two 10 inch pneumatic wheels, you’ll cover lots of terrain easily. It also has a universal hitch so you can attach it to any vehicle you want or even loan it to your neighbor. To ensure the sprayer is easy to store, you’ll find a hanging bracket built into it upon arrival.

This sprayer comes with an easy bottom drain for emptying the tank after application.


Finding the perfect tow behind sprayer will be different for everyone. There is no universal sprayer as your needs will differ from your neighbors’. Check out the ones we’ve listed on this guide and you’ll be on the right track to finding the best tow behind sprayer. Now, you’ll have a much easier time spraying fertilizers, herbicides or watering your lawn.