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Push Mower versus Riding Mower

Push Mower versus Riding Mower

Choosing the correct lawn mower can make or break your mowing experience. It really comes down to how large your lawn is and how long it takes you to mow it.

Each type of lawn mower has its own features as well as pros and cons. It is important to examine each of these factors before making a decision to purchase a lawnmower. In this guide, we’ll compare two different mower types: the push mower versus the riding mower.

Comparing Their Function

If you have a small and flat lawn, then a push mower is perfect for you. To go even further, a self-propelled push lawn mower is better because it requires little to no effort on your part.

Here is an instance where a push mower is a better option than a riding mower.

Intricate and complicated gardens:

Although the best riding mowers have been equipped to easily turn corners, a push mower is simply much better at it. Especially if you have a complicated garden with multiple corners and turns. Furthermore, a push mower is able to get out of tight and hard-to-access corners, unlike a riding mower.

On the other hand, there are some situations where a riding mower is a better fit for the job than a push mower.

Extremely thick or wet grass:

The best push mowers come with a bag attached to it. However, this bag is only large enough to hold so much. This means that you would be required to empty the bag often, which can slow down the process. Furthermore, if the bag ends up filling up too much, it can choke up the lawn mower’s engine. You may then need to repair your lawn mower or buy a completely new one.

A riding lawn mower has a much larger bag and can plow through the thick and wet grass with ease. If you are dealing with very thick, wet grass, go for a riding mower.

Pros & Cons of a Push Mower


  • A push lawn mower is going to be way cheaper than a riding lawnmower. In fact, a cheap push lawn mower may only cost you a little over $100. A higher quality, more expensive mower may cost your several hundred at the most. On the other hand, riding mower can cost you several thousand dollars. 
  • It is much easier to maneuver your lawn using a push lawn mower because you are operating by hand.


  • It definitely takes much longer to mow a larger area with this type of mower. Furthermore, this lawn mower is less powerful than a riding mower would be.

Pros & Cons of a Riding Mower

Ensure use in appropriate environment


  • A riding mower is going to get the job done much faster than a push lawn mower due to its more powerful blade.
  • IIt will be a lot less physically demanding than a push mower would be because you are able to just sit down and drive.


  • A riding mower is a huge investment.


Make your decision based on your needs for your yard. You should be able to tell quite clearly what type of yard you have and which machine suits it better.