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Multi Tool versus Mower

Multi-tool versus mower

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There’s no way that you can get away without a lawn mower if you have a big lawn in front of your house. Do you really need a trimmer though?
Trimmers and mowers perform different tasks for your yard, so when it comes to choosing between a trimmer and mower, the real question is whether you need a trimmer at all. Depending on the size of your lawn, you may not even need a lawnmower. So, which one should you pick?

Trimmer vs. Mower
There are some major differences between a trimmer and a mower. Depending on your yard and needs, one might work better than the other for you.
If you’re on the fence about making your purchase, this should help you decide.

Picking a Mower
Large yards needs large quality riding mowers. You need to be able to cut lots of grass in a short amount of time and to adjust the height of your blades quickly and efficiently.
A mower also includes the container for collecting grass, meaning that you’ll save time raking up grass bits that you would have to collect manually with a trimmer.
Granted, you can’t use your mower that easily on unlevel areas with stones or other obstacles. You may not mind this though if you pick out a riding mower for your yard.

String Trimmers
A trimmer is what makes lawns look well-manicured. The string rotates at high speed to cut grass, sculpting grass and hedges too. You can choose either a gas or an electric trimmer to easily get around trees, shrubs, fences, or any edging.
You cannot ride your trimmer like you could with a lawn mower. So always think about the weight before you make your purchase.
A trimmer is always operated by hand. This means that you’ll never get an even trim on your lawn like you would with a mower. You will be able to handle the obstacles in your lawn though, making it perfect for uneven areas or large gardens.

Making Your Pick
A mower has more power and can cut large areas of grass more efficiently. You can’t cut an entire plot of grass with just a trimmer alone, or perhaps you could, but it would be tiring and very inefficient.
Mowers are difficult to maneuver through and are hard to get around trees or in between your fence.
To get a clean look, you’ll need a trimmer. Do remember that trimmers require more skill to use though and that you should always be very safe when you’re using one.
You’ll need a face mask and gloves whenever you use your trimmer, which you may not need with your mower.

Depending on the size of your lawn, you’ll be making your choice between a trimmer and a lawnmower. Both have their advantages and disadvantages and will work better for different yards. Think about which one might be best for you and your needs.