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Mulching vs Bagging

Mulching vs Bagging

One of the hardest parts of lawn maintenance is knowing what to do with grass clippings. There are many options and many types of lawnmowers that are capable of disposing clippings in different ways. 

Mulching and bagging are both popular options for clipping disposal. They each have unique advantages that appeal to different homeowners.

Mulching vs Bagging

Understanding Mulching

When you choose a lawnmower that disposes of grass clippings by mulching, the mower will cut up the grass pieces and disperse them back onto your lawn. This has many advantages and is the preferred option for many people.
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Healthier Grass

Mulching is a great disposal option because returning glass clippings to your lawn actually adds a lot of nutrients to the grass. As the grass clippings decompose, they add nitrogen and other nutrients to the soil. That means less chemical fertilizers for your lawn.


Another reason many people opt for mulching is simply convenience. If you mulch, you don’t have to buy a lawnmower with a bag attachment. This saves you time because you don’t have to empty a bag. This can be a real time saver if you have a large lawn.

Understanding Bagging

Bagging grass clippings requires a lawnmower with a bag option and a yard waste container. Another great option is to use a lawn sweeper to help you collect leaves before you mulch. When you bag grass clippings, your lawnmower collects all of the grass clippings into a bag that later has to be emptied. Bagging, like mulching, has many individual advantages.


A major reason why many people opt for bagging grass clippings is simply for appearance. Many people don’t like how clumps of grass look sitting on the lawn, so they choose to bag up clippings for a cleaner appearance.


Bagging is definitely the way to go if you’re trying to cure your lawn of disease or fungus. Mulching a diseased yard will simply return the disease to the grass and spread it. On the other hand, bagging is really the best way to get all of that diseased grass away for good.


If you have a yard that you maintain often or a very large area to mow, mulching can be a great option. It is easy, convenient and will help disperse important nutrients into your hard. But if you have a yard that isn’t mowed option or you are trying to get rid of disease in your grass, bagging may be a better option.