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Is An Electric Mower Right For You?

Is An Electric Mower Right For You

Woman cut the flower garden with an electric mower

If you’re a homeowner with a yard to mow, you have a choice to consider whether you want an electric or gas mower. Which is the better option? Let’s consider some pros and cons of an electric lawn mower.

There are two choices when considering an electric lawn mower – corded or cordless. A corded model is attached to electricity by an extension cord. A cordless model has a self-contained battery unit and is charged. The battery is then placed in the lawn mower.


Easy is the best word to describe an electric mower. There are no cords to pull and no fluids to add.

Electric lawn mowers require no oil, no gas, no spark plugs. They are a self- contained unit and as long as you have electricity, you can easily mow. Even electric costs are minimal, estimated at around $5 per season.

Maintenance is minimal too. Keep them free of grass clippings, dust, and other debris from the blade area. If you choose a cordless model, a new battery will possibly be required in five to seven years.

With no exhaust or pollution, the electric lawn mower is better for the environment too. Because you use no gas or oil, these mowers don’t exhaust natural resources as a gas mower would. They are also quieter than a gas mower.

Many gas powered mowers are so loud and can cause damage to your hearing. An electric lawnmower is a lot quieter such that the decibel level is rated as that for normal conversation. Your neighbors and your hearing will appreciate that!

You will save money in the long run – after the initial cost of the lawn mower – because there’s no need to buy gas or oil. They are also more lightweight so they can be easily handled by almost anyone.


There are very few cons when considering an electric lawn mower.

One drawback is that they need to be used with an extension cord if you have a large yard due to its limited cord range. Most extension cords or mowers can only be used up to 100 ft from an outlet. If your yard is large, this might not reach all the areas of your lawn. There’s also the possibility of running over an extension cord and the risk of electric shock. A small yard, roughly 8,000 square feet or less, would benefit more from an electric lawn mower in this case.

Another consideration is the type of grass you are mowing. A slow growing, shorter grass is easier for electric lawn mowers. If your yard is too lush or fast growing, this might not be the best choice for mowing your lawn.

If you use a battery operated lawn mower, charging time is a consideration. Most battery charges last about an hour of mowing time. If your yard is small, this might be enough time to mow. If your yard is larger, this might hamper your time. Consider too that a battery takes from 12 to 24 hours to charge.

When you add up the advantages, an electric lawnmower may be the best choice for you and the environment.