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How to Pick a Great Lawn Mower

How to Pick a Great Lawn Mower

Many people have trouble with the process of choosing their new lawnmower. One of the biggest issues that people seem to have is that they do not know which features they should look for in a high-quality mower.

In this guide, we’ll take you through which features to check for, so you can have an easier time deciding what kind of lawnmower to buy.

Features to Observe While Choosing Your Mower

Size of Your Yard

The first thing you must do before looking for a mower is to observe the size, layout, and type of grass in your yard to determine what kind of mower will work best for it.

Doing this first and foremost is important. This is because it would be counterproductive to buy a lawnmower that will not be able to work properly on your yard.

Take any hills, bushes, or other types of surroundings in your yard into consideration when you are looking for a mower. If you have a slope, go for a self-propelled to help you navigate the hill with ease. If you have a basic flat yard, a push mower might be good enough to do the job.


Price is always a factor to consider. You want the best value for your money and want to find one that works well without breaking the bank. Set an obtainable price goal for a mower without disregarding any of the other features you may need.

Type of Mower

Consider what type of lawnmower you want next. For example, do you want a self-propelled mower or a push mower?The best Self-propelled mowers tend to give you a bit more control in terms of maneuverability. Finding one that is lightweight with a powerful motor will be an added bonus.

A powerful motor will benefit you when you are attempting to cut through tougher types of grass on rough terrains or trying to move around a hill. The extra power provided by the mower will allow you to have an easier mowing experience.


Overall, make sure that you find a lawnmower with all the basic features you will need for your yard. Push mowers tend to be more affordable than self-propelled mowers, but self-propelled mowers will give you a higher level of control and maneuverability with less effort needed. Stick within your budget and find a mower that will suit your needs best.