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How Long Do Electric Lawn Mowers Last?

How long to electric lawn mowers last

When you buy a quality lawn mower, the goal is to use it for years to come. You don’t want to buy your lawnmower, get a few uses out of it, and have to retire it already.
Most of us know a little bit more about gas-powered lawn mowers rather than the electric cordless type. But you may want to consider an electric lawn mower for your next purchase. If you can take care of it properly, your electric lawn mower should last for years to come.

How long do electric lawn mowers last?
Generally, you’ll get about five years of use out of a good quality electric lawn mower. Since these mowers are powered by batteries, you’ll need to replace those batteries every year.
Batteries lose about 5 percent of their charge capacity every year after all, so replacing the batteries will increase the overall longevity of the mower.
If you get a good electric lawn mower, you likely won’t even notice the difference between that and a traditional mower.
You’ll need to charge the batteries every time you finish using it, of course. But you should have the same amount of power.

Improve Its Longevity
To make your electric lawn mower last even longer, you can sharpen your blades once a year.
You can also raise the blades to handle taller grasses, and clean the underside of the mower to remove any excess grass or other bits of debris.

Maintenance Tips to Prolong Durability
Maintaining your electric lawn mower will help it last even longer. Before you begin messing with sharp lawn mower blades though, make sure you’re doing everything safely.

Seasonal Maintenance
The perfect time to begin your maintenance is at the end of the season before you put your mower away. By preparing it for the winter, you’ll be able to make your mower last even longer.
Start by cleaning the deck below and the blades. Sharpen the blades too in order to prepare it for the next season.

For Your Mower
Different lawn mowers require different methods of maintenance. Gas-powered mowers need to have the oil replaced and drained, but you’re dealing with batteries with your electric mower. Those should be replaced.
Beyond dealing with the batteries and cleaning the blades, read your owner’s manual to figure out what else you can do to improve the longevity of your motor.
It will tell you how you should take care of it and what specifically to do to keep it in proper working order.

Ask a Professional
If you’re really worried about keeping your mower in top shape, find someone to give you a professional tune-up. A professional can help you replace parts, perform basic tests to ensure everything is working, and prepare you for next season.

You have many options for your choice of an electric lawn mower. No matter which option you choose though, you want your mower to last as long as possible. Maintain your mower for next season and you should have it working for at least five years. As long as you change and recharge the batteries of course!