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Honda Lawn Mower vs Toro Lawn Mower

Honda Lawn Mower vs Toro Lawn Mower

The Honda and Toro mowers are ranked number one and number two on the market, respectively. So, we decided to put them head-to-head and compare the two. Which model delivers a cleaner cut for less hassle, and which one is an overall better deal?

Both the Toro Lawn Mower and Honda Lawn Mower have a lot of great benefits and features to offer. Let’s take a look at their differences so you can choose the right one for you.

Honda Lawn Mower

Currently, consumer reports have ranked Honda the number one on the market. What the Honda mower can promise is a dual-blade system, which ensures better mulching performance than a single blade.

Updated Control System

When Honda updated its model, they added new features that were focused around the mowers drive control interface. The focus of the update was the controlling interface. With their new Direct Drive system, the mower can operate on cruise control rather than you having to hold the paddles down. This allows for a constant speed and easier operation of the mower.

Clip Director

This is an awesome and unique feature that only Honda mowers offer. This system bags, mulches, discharges, and shreds leaves with no attachments or tools required. The clip director is a lever located at the rear of the mower. It even has ten possible combinations.

This gives you the option of choosing how much clippings you want to collect, versus how much to mulch. In order to collect leaves, pull the lever two positions back from the mulch position.

Mower Deck

The Honda Deck is dent and rust-resistant, all while being lightweight. It is also intelligently designed to increase the grass flow back to the blades to get smaller clippings. The polymer surface makes it easier to clean because grass does not stick to it, unlike other mower decks. The guards are made with very tough rubber, making the mower durable and high-quality.

We do feel the Honda is the best lawn mower for small yards because its updated control system and handlebars allow very easy maneuvering in tight spaces.

Toro Lawn Mower

Toro is a brand that loves to innovate, they’re constantly expanding their horizons. They have been making mowers since 1919. They’ve got an awesome reputation.


The length of the handlebars takes time to get used to. They are adjustable and work well. However, they can be tricky in tight spaces. Reversing the mower can also be difficult at times, so if you have a lot of shrubs and trees in your yard, the Toro might not be the best mower for you.

Cutting Performance

When it comes to mulching and side-discharge cutting, both the Honda and Toro perform similarly and exceptionally. The Toro performs just as well as the Honda, considering it only has a single cutting blade.


Bagging is where you will find the biggest difference between the Honda and Toro Lawn Mowers. While both mowers filled their bags to capacity, the Honda held a total of 25 pounds versus the Toro, which held a total of 20 pounds.


Overall, both the Honda and Toro Lawn Mowers are great choices and are highly recommended. Both offer awesome features that are worth their price. We hope this comparison helped you on your search. Whether you decide on a Toro or a Honda, we are sure you’ll be a happy mower. If you are looking for lower priced options, you may want to consider reviewing some of the best lawn mowers for under $300. There are some excellent choices available as well.