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Greenworks vs. Snapper

Greenworks vs. SnapperGreenworks and Snapper are both popular lawn equipment companies. Plus, their electric lawn mowers are hard to beat. But when you’re trying to choose between the two of them, you need to consider a few things; especially your price point and the quality you’re looking for.

If you’re in the market for the highest quality mower and you don’t mind spending the money, Snapper is the best option.

But if you’re a bit more conscious about what you’re spending, Greenworks mowers will get the job done. But there’s always more to consider than just cost when it comes to choosing a good mower.

Greenworks versus Snapper Comparing Price and Features

When it comes to Greenworks versus Snapper, there’s one clear distinction that can be made between the two. Their respective price points.

In general, Snapper is priced higher while Greenworks is more affordable.

That’s not to say that Greenworks’ mowers don’t still get the job done. In fact, Greenworks electric lawn mowers have many great features. An example of this is that their mowers come equipped with a dual battery. This means that you can run the mower off one battery, then swap it out for the other to get the maximum run time.

Greenworks mowers also have Smart Cut technology that senses the grass’s thickness and adjusts its power usage and blade speed to accommodate for the grass. In addition, many Greenworks mowers typically have a 3-in-1 discharge feature, so you can choose between mulch, side ejection or grass bag elimination.

These features and many others make Greenworks mowers a great option, especially for the price.

Inevitably though, all lawn mowers have some issues.

First of all, the batteries in Greenworks mowers are known for their inconsistency. While they take very little time to charge, you may not get as much mowing time out of them as the company promises. Greenworks has also developed a bit of a reputation among consumers for poor customer support and service.

Snapper mowers, on the other hand, are typically very high quality. They’re known for their power and come with two 82-volt batteries. The batteries are known to be true to their advertised run time, 45 minutes, and they also come equipped with the 3-in-1 disposal option. Finally, Snapper mowers also adjust for the thickness of the grass they are cutting.

It’s also worthwhile to note that Greenworks is a relatively new company launched in 2007 while Snapper has long been a powerhouse in the market. They launched way back in 1894 and established themselves as the go-to for rear-engine riding lawn mowers.

To Sum It Up

When it really comes down to it, Snapper and Greenworks have a lot of the same features. But Snapper is just a higher quality, more powerful mower. This quality does come at a higher price, as Snapper mowers are typically much more expensive than Greenworks mowers.

If you’re looking for a high-quality mower with some really great features, a Snapper mower is a way to go. But if you want essentially the same features at a lower price, go with Greenworks.