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Gas Versus Electric Lawn Mowers

Gas versus Electric

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Mowing the lawn can be one of the chores you either love or hate. To help get the job done and maintain your yard to its optimum beauty, you need to make a choice. Which type of lawn mower – gas or electric – will suit you best? Let’s take a look at their major differences.

Mowing Capacity – Yard Size

The size of your lawn can be the first determining factor in gas vs. electric mower. A gas mower will keep running as long as you fill it with gas. If you have a fairly large sized yard, ½ acre or less, gas is the best choice.

Gas mowers also have the advantage of being heavier, which results in a cleaner, more even cut. They can now mow longer and more consistently – exerting the same pressure without running out of power. Good news if your grass is thick or the ground rough.

Electric mowers are better suited to smaller yards of less than ¼ an acre. The charge in an electric lawn mower will last roughly an hour. If you need more power and mowing time, take this into consideration. You must also add time to recharge the battery before mowing again too. This can add an additional twelve to twenty-four hours.

Electric mowers are generally more lightweight. They are roughly ten to thirty pounds lighter than gas mowers.

Power Source

A gas mower obviously runs on gas. When the gas runs out, the mower has to be refilled before mowing again.

Gas also produces exhaust, is a continuing expense and there can be safety issues with the gasoline and oil used in the mowers.

Alternatively, an electric lawn mower has a “cleaner” source of power – electric.

Whether it’s a battery operated the unit or a corded model, the electric mower produces no exhaust. Once you pay for the mower, the only expenses are for electric – generally less than $5 a year – and at some point in the future, a battery may need to be replaced. (This generally costs between $50 to $100 dollars.)

Just like the gas mower, there can be safety issues with the electric mower. If you use a corded model, there’s a chance of running over an extension cord.

Environmental Issues

When it comes to which mower is best for the environment, the electric mower wins hands down. An electric model is powered by electricity, not fuel. It burns no exhaust and doesn’t pollute the environment.

Gas mowers do use gas and oil. Both of these are hazardous substances that produce smelly exhaust and some pollution.

Noise levels are also an issue. Gas mowers are noisy and create noise pollution. An electric mower is much quieter. Decibels of noise for electric mowers have been measured as no more than a normal conversation.

Choosing a lawn mower can be easy if you take some basic factors into consideration. Determine your yard size and the type of grass you need to mow. Do you want gas or electric as your mower’s power source? Ultimately, it’s up to your personal preference.