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Best Time To Buy A Lawn Mower

Best Time To Buy A Lawn Mower
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Whether you are purchasing your first lawnmower or upgrading to a new one, buying a lawnmower is an investment. Having a beautiful, vibrant lawn doesn’t happen on its own – you must take care of it. For this, you need a high-end mower.

But a quality lawn mower is on the pricier side and must be chosen carefully. So, when is the best time to purchase one and get the most out of your money?

Seasonal and Holiday Sales

Just like any other seasonal items, lawn mowers are at their cheapest when the demand is at its lowest. A good time for this is also during holiday sales. It’s is such an important thing to keep in mind when purchasing a lawnmower because it ensures you are getting a high-end model without necessarily having to pay a fortune.

Buy from Craigslist, eBay, or Small Retail Stores
If you are in desperate need of a mower and do not have time to wait for seasonal or holiday sales, there are other places you can look. Check out craigslist or eBay, where mowers are always on sale.

If you do decide to purchase a lawn mower on one of these websites, make sure it has minimal wear and tear, so you still get a good amount of usage out of it.

Another place you can find a great selection for awesome prices is a small retail store. They are often cheaper than national chain stores and you may be able to negotiate a better deal at a small retailer.

New Models that have recently become Old Models

Look out for new models that have recently become old models – they will be on sale. When a new, improved model comes out, the older one will usually get discontinued. Every few years or so new technology changes the engine, fuel, or other key components to the mower.

This is why some stores are anxious to get the old models out of the way. They’re itching to bring all the new ones in. You can end up getting phenomenal deals for a virtually brand-new lawn mower. The only difference is the year it came out, much like a vehicle.

Shop Around at Different Stores and Websites

You may find what you think is the perfect lawnmower at the first store you look at, but there may be other better ones waiting for you elsewhere. No matter when or where you decide to purchase your mower, it is important to shop around. Check out all the stores around you in order to find the best deal possible and get the most out of your money.


While purchasing your lawn mower, keep these simple but crucial tips in mind. This is vital, whether you’re buying a used one from Craigslist, or a brand-new one that has just gone on sale. Whenever and wherever you decide to purchase your lawn mower, choose wisely so you can get the best deal possible.