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Benefits of Reel Mowers

benefits of Reel Mowers

Last Update: December, 2023

When was the last time you saw a reel mower? Once a symbol of American suburban life, reel mowers are sometimes considered relics of a bygone era, as fewer and fewer people now use them.

However, recent years have seen a surge in enthusiasm for this interesting appliance, showing that it is once again in vogue. More than just a sentimental relic, reel mowers actually have a lot of practical benefits, which will help to beautify your lawn immensely.

Benefits of Reel Mowers

Superior cutting ability

There’s a reason why hardcore gardening fans love great reel mower . Gas-powered rotary mowers use rotor-powered blades to cut grass, and because of their spiral movement, the grass blades will be chopped and shredded.

The blades’ tips will then turn white or brown, a condition called “white tip,” as a result of this shredding, and your garden will look a bit dirty and unclean. A reel mower offers you clean individual cut for each blade of grass, so your lawn will look much cleaner and healthier.

Environmentally friendly

Gas is a source of power too, so gas-powered mowers will be inherently bad for the environment. The pollution does not really stop there, as gas-powered mowers are quite noisy, so operating one will also mean that you are disturbing the peace of the neighborhood.

A manual reel mower will never make any noisy sound. And it’s operated manually, so there will be no harm to the environment

Healthy grass

As a gardener, you probably care a lot about the health of your grass. If that’s the case, then manual reel mowers will be good news for you. Because of their excellent cutting ability, they will help protect your lawn’s health by preventing the grass from becoming torn or shredded. This will allow it to be much more resistant to diseases and recover at a much faster rate.

No maintenance

It’s not easy to maintain a lawn mower, especially if you are not an expert. If you buy a gas-powered mower, you will have to regularly change the oil and look after the engine, which is quite taxing, to say the least.

For manual reel mowers, you only need to sharpen your blades regularly, and you are good to go for a long time!

Great exercise

Lawn mowing, in general, is quite a tiresome activity, but it can also serve as a great way to shed some weight. Gas-powered reel mowers reduce the effectiveness of this exercise by providing you with some extra push, but to push a manual reel mower across a yard is equivalent to playing a tennis match or downhill skating.

If you are aiming to lose calories quickly while still getting something done, this is the right choice for you.

The nostalgia

Let’s face it, there’s a part of us that loves to go back to the good old days. Manually mowing the lawn was among the top leisure activities in the past, and there’s a good reason for that. Mowing your own lawn sometimes feel like a therapeutic activity which creates a sense of peace in the midst of a busy life.

Using reel mowers won’t just take you back to the time of your grandfather. It will also help you to take better care of your lawn. However, you should only use a reel mower if you can invest plenty of time into it, because you may need some time to get used to the appliance. If you simply want to mow your lawn as quickly as possible, then a rotary mower might be a better choice.