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About Us

Hello. I'm Martin, the main editor of Green New Lawn. We are a family affair when it comes to home and gardening. Our entire family is full of gardening fanatics. It was only natural for us to start a website about a topic we love. 

We are fanatical about our love for a beautiful backyard.  Lawn gear is our life because we get to be outside, enjoy nature and create beautiful lawns in the process.

Forgive our weak attempt of a coffee cup in a field of grass.  We never proclaimed to be great graphic designers.  As a matter of fact, please judge us on our reviews and not the website design.

Running Green New Lawn is not free. It takes copious amounts of time and resources to keep a website like this up and running. In addition to the cost of content, images, server space and getting our hands on some of the best equipment out there, the sheer time investment into a website like this is enormous. 

Green New Lawn is our business. We are made up of yard enthusiasts with a passion for lawns and everything around them. If we aren't working on the website, you can bet we're out in our yards horsing around with the latest gear to review. With that being said, we all approach this website like a business. In order to cover the costs of keeping this website up, Green New Lawn uses referral and affiliate links. This means that when you're reading one of our reviews and go to a 3rd party to purchase your equipment, we get a cut. Using these links does not cost you anything extra. The special links on this site simply give us a way to generate income so we can keep producing quality content for our readers. 

We make a conscious effort to make all of our reviews as non-biased as possible. Some of our reviews are based off of real world tests, others are based off on in-depth research. 
Nobody can pay to be featured on our website and we will never endorse a product we don't believe in. Every product we review has a detailed summary, as well as pros and cons. 
At its core, we are supported by readers like you, so we will always put you first.