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Who We Are

Our team at Green new Lawn are absolute lawn fanatics. Our background is in lawn care and creating beautifully landscaped yards. We are a mix of landscapers, yard equipment techs and lawn enthusiasts.

We pride ourselves on providing our readers with the most in-depth, easy to read and accurate product reviews available online. Our #1 goal is to educate readers on the best lawn equipment, so they don't waste money on sub-par gear. 

Hands On Reviews of The Best Lawn Equipment

Our approach to reviewing products at Green New Lawn is simple:

  • We keep an eye out for news about the newest equipment for lawncare.
  • We test the equipment.
  • We give our candid feedback on our experience with each piece of lawncare equipment.

Let Green New Lawn Do The Research For You

Before you spend lots of money on useless lawn equipment, take a closer look at our buyer's guides. Our industry experts have compiled lists of the best of the best products in various categories ranging from electric mowers, to gas mowers , to weed eaters and more. We are not paid to feature any products in particular. Every product that gets featured on our site has earned a spot here. We will not review products in a positive light if we feel the gear doesn't deserve our praise. With this in mind, let our experts help you pick out the best lawn gear for your yard!

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